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Businesses lose revenue every day as a result of transactional error. At RTA Corporation, our purpose is to increase our clients' profits and give them a competitive advantage by identifying and recovering unrealized revenues as they occur. We do this using a self-learning solution and custom algorithms, delivered by experienced legislative and financial recovery professionals. We offer this as a simple and complete service.

Clara® by RTA removes all the barriers that have previously prevented businesses from implementing Continuous Monitoring:


Time is one of the biggest obstacles to considering CM. In the past, multiple departments needed to be involved. We can communicate Clara® in a single meeting. Say “Yes” and you're almost done. Clara® is the smart way to get CM working for you right away.


RTA requires no up front investment. Service fees are contingency-based. You pay a portion of recovered revenue. Once transactional errors have been identified, they can be eliminated in future. Continuous improvement is built in.


Clara® by RTA works independently and does not “bolt on” to your ERP. We only require raw data. This eliminates IT headaches, compatibility issues, and potential system compromises. This will be music to your CIO’s ears.


Clara® by RTA is a complete solution. Our task is finding and identifying your unrealized revenue and completing the entire recovery process. In simple terms, we know what to look for, where to find it, and what to do with it. Technically speaking, it is complex. But you’ll never know it.


Our technology partner is Caseware™, and Clara® by RTA is powered by Caseware™ Monitor. Clients of this technology include the world’s largest accounting firms and Canada Revenue Agency. Clara® by RTA offers your data the highest level of security available.


Many companies and organizations believe they are not big enough to benefit from CM. Until recently, it has been out of reach for all but the largest enterprises. Clara® by RTA was created for businesses doing high transaction volumes. You don’t have to be in the Fortune 1000 to work with us.

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