Clara® by RTA

How is Clara® Different from Traditional 3rd Party Audit?

Clara® bridges the gap between traditional 3rd party audit and continuous audit by providing a risk-free continuous monitoring solution. Our contingency-based revenue recovery model allows companies to use our software as a service (SAAS), delivered by RTA using CaseWare™ Monitor software.

Clara® Reduces Contingency Fees. Companies recover unrealized revenue and identify transactional errors in real-time, not just once a year. Clara® identifies recurring errors quickly, thereby reducing 3rd party contingency fees – no upfront payments or investment in software.

Understand how Clara® works

Here's a step-by-step description of our process. Our FAQ section can answer many additional questions you may have.

Transfer Data

It begins with your approval of a secure data transfer to our encrypted FTP site. We arrange for your data to be streamed to our system using Caseware Monitor software to initiate the data monitoring and evaluation process.

Apply Algorithms

Our applied algorithms then “kick out” anomalies – things that don't fit, make sense, or compute. Functionality includes data extraction from source, data analysis, case management, and reporting. Algorithms refine the search to reduce exceptions and false positives, resulting in increased efficiency.

Review Findings

We then interpret and review our findings to determine the nature of the anomaly. We ask: “Why is this happening?” and “What was missed?” There may be incorrect application of legislation and exemptions, vendor discounts and process errors existing in your system.

Submit Report

RTA provides a full report that includes a breakdown and dollar value of your recoverable revenues and identifies how to address these issues going forward to avoid repetition of similar transactional errors. We provide steps to correct your process in future.

Initiate Recovery

The recovery process: RTA's accounting specialists initiate the recovery process and follow it through to completion on your behalf.

Select Option

At this point, your company has seen the demonstrated value of Clara®. You can now select to work with RTA in the option that best suits your enterprise:


Repeat on a monthly or quarterly interval to capture new and repeating transactional errors and inefficiencies, avoid repeated errors and losses and implement a continuous improvement strategy.


RTA can also help your organization implement Caseware™ Monitor software to your own system if you choose. We offer a cost-benefit analysis for implementation, we provide training and support, and we continue to serve as your recovery team.

Make a Date with Clara®

We look forward to introducing you to Clara®. Request an RTA Representative to contact you, arrange for a demo of Clara®, or submit your questions here. Need to get started right away?
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